Lindsay Geller is a storyteller. She puts her communication skills and creativity, honed through studying fiction, non-fiction, and magazine writing, to use in content marketing and copywriting. Her goal: to showcase regional and national brands’ stories and to involve the consumer in those stories through the development of experiential campaigns.

Lindsay’s previous experience includes social media management for Fast Media, Media Fast and Organic Living Superfoods, and she is currently interning for The Pohly Company, a content marketing firm. She writes a humorous food blog called Rude Rabbit Food and edits The Common Voice, a multi-genre literary magazine.

When she’s not writing or making messes in the kitchen, she plays Quidditch with other “adults” and teaches ballet to small children. You can also find her Tweeting,Instagramming, Pinning, and binge-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

Lindsay will graduate from Emerson College in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in writing with minors in history and marketing communications and several honors. She seeks a full-time position as a copywriter, content writer, or magazine writer, and is also available for freelance work.

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